Nights in the Gardens of Spain

March 11, 2017 | 8:00 PM | Peoria Civic Center Theater

de Falla, Ravel, and Turina

George Stelluto, Conductor
Jorge Federico Osorio, Piano

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Turina:    Dances Fantasticas
de Falla:   Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Ravel:      Piano Concerto for the Left Hand
de Falla:  Three Cornered Hat

An evening of enchanting music with a Spanish flair.

 Jorge Federico Osorio

The PSO presents an intriguing program of Spanish influenced music featuring two enthralling piano concertos. The evening, billed as Nights in the Gardens of Spain is, in fact, the title of the first work. The composer, Manuel de Falla, considered the “musical soul of Spain,” presents a moody and remarkable look at his homeland by depicting three enchanted gardens. It is a pure flight of fancy, rich, dark, and mysterious at the crossroads of East and West.

Master pianist Jorge Federico Osorio returns to the PSO for both the de Falla and Ravel’s Concerto for Piano Left Hand. Commissioned by Paul Wittgenstein, a concert pianist who lost his right arm in the First World Ward, Concerto for Piano Left Hand unfolds in a single movement that falls into three sections in an impressive feat of musical skill and illusion. Maestro George Stelluto describes pianist Jorge Federico Osorio as,

                        “One of the most virtuous of the virtuoso pianist of our time – in the tradition of Serkin, Schnabel,
and Horowitz.  I am so happy he is with us for this concert.”

Osorio’s unique blend of technique, passion, and refinement has earned him acclaim from the New York Times: “An imaginative interpreter with a powerful technique” and the Los Angeles Times: “One of the more elegant and accomplished pianists on the planet.” The second half of the program features Turina’s magical Danses Fantasticas and de Falla’s Three Cornered Hat, at tale of love and intrigue that can be told only through the evocative language of Spanish music.

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