Guild Leadership

The Peoria Symphony Guild believes that the Peoria Symphony Orchestra and classical music performances are a vital part of the cultural heritage of Peoria and central Illinois. The Guild understands that leadership must be identified, established and maintained that will dedicate time and talent to preserve this tradition.

Further, the Guild believes that leadership should work to expand and enhance this great tradition through creative ideas and seek new ways to better serve central Illinois. Therefore, the Guild seeks to welcome community leaders into the organization who will join them in pursuing these goals.

Board of Directors

Maureen Williams, President
Email Maureen / 309.999.1177

John Day, Vice President
Email John / 309.692.3198

Jim Smith, Secretary
Email Jim / 312.822.0123

Jan Rubenacker, Treasurer
Email Jan / 309.648.9864

Liz Reed, Past President
Email Liz / 309.682.0137

Ellie Hansen, Director of Membership
Email Ellie / 309.699.7422

Nadine Willems, Director of Events
Email Nadine / 309.691.3225

Pat Rice, Director of Financial Support
Email Pat / 309.685.2483

Julie Kotewa, Director of Educational Outreach
Email Julie / 309.712.8175

Karen Datzman, Director of Public Awareness
Email Karen / 309.397.2611

309.671.1096 TICKETS
309.495.0575 FAX