Trewyn K-8 School

We have awesome students whose horizons we strive to expand. Though we have music here, it is a fledgling program. After attending the concert, our lone violinist was inspired; he wasn’t aware that a Symphony would have “so many of everything!”

One student said he “appreciated the quiet and the ability to listen to music and to see how it happened”. When asked to elaborate, he noted that “too often music is judged by how loud it is – not how pretty. This was different.”

One of the older girls had her eyes closed, and I was afraid that she was asleep. I could not have been more incorrect; she said she was “listening and my ears work best with my eyes closed.” Her mother texted me later, “T’s been humming and dancing in the kitchen since she got home.”

This was a wonderful first opportunity to hear a live symphony performance. We enjoyed listening to the comments and watching the reactions of our students. They loved every minute! We appreciate the PSO welcoming Trewyn K-8 School to this special concert. – Pamela Rumba, In-School Resource Coordinator, Trewyn K-8 School


The PSO embarked on this partnership in 2014. It began with our providing a block of tickets for Trewyn students to attend the Matinee at the Movies Concert. The students’ reaction to this opportunity, as depicted in their artwork and relayed by their chaperone in the letter below, moved us to expand the partnership to include tickets for these eager young people to participate in the Musical Discoveries program.


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