Da Capo – Recurring Gifts

Make a monthly recurring gift to support your Peoria Symphony Orchestra.

decappRepetition is important in music, where sounds or sequences are often repeated. A literal repetition of a musical passage is often indicated by the use of a repeat sign, or the instructions “da capo” meaning, literally, “from the head” or beginning.


Why make a recurring gift?

  • It’s budget friendly – for $20.85 monthly, you belong to our Patron level donor group! ($85/month for the prestigious Conductor’s Circle).
  • You provide the symphony with a reliable income stream and it’s paperless, so your gift goes even further!
  • In short, it’s a win-win for you, the donor, and for your Peoria Symphony Orchestra!

Click here to set up a recurring gift!


How it works

  • Donation Amount – You select the amount of your monthly donation.
  • Monthly Payment – We’ll charge your credit card on the 5th of each month and will try again on the 15th if the charge did not go through.
  • Record of Payments – We’ll send you an annual giving statement in January for tax purposes.
  • Auto-Renew – Your membership will renew each year automatically so you’ll never miss out on your member benefits. Da Capo donors will receive recognition at the level that corresponds to the total contribution during our June 1-May 31 fiscal year. Those who join at $85/month will immediately be invited to Conductor’s Circle events in their first year.
  • Donation Change – You can change the amount you give or stop your monthly contribution at any time by contacting the Director of Development.
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