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PSO Community Outreach

“One of the things I admire most about the Peoria Symphony and the Symphony Guild is their efforts to educate children about classical music. It may be the only time some children are exposed to classical music. I can only urge others to support the symphony financially and to invite new people to come and hear our wonderful Peoria Symphony Orchestra.”
– Bernadette Shekleton, Conductor’s Circle Donor

As an award-winning orchestra, the Peoria Symphony Orchestra is a model for regional orchestras everywhere. In addition to bringing the highest quality performances and innovative programming to the stage, we are committed to serving as a resource for our community.

The PSO regularly has musicians in area school classrooms, including offering pre-k curriculum to the Peoria County Bright Futures classrooms through support from the PNC Foundation. Musicians can also be found in senior living centers to bring continued education for symphony lovers and new faces alike.

During PSO RAW (Resident Artist Week), PSO guest artists perform throughout the community to bring music outside the concert hall.
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The PSO conducts a range of regular outreach efforts that strive to reach a broad segment of our local community. Many of our programs are executed with help from volunteers of the Peoria Symphony Guild.
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The fantastic music of the PSO doesn’t just belong in the concert hall, it belongs out on the town!

PSO on the Go is our community outreach program, sending small ensembles out to share the excitement of live music with our whole community. We do performances in hospital lobbies, assisted living centers, school visits, and more.

If you have an event that is open to the community and you’d like to share the music of the PSO, please contact us! We would be delighted to talk about how we can help enhance your event.

PSO on the Go – we’re bringing the music to you!

“We have awesome students whose horizons we strive to expand. Though we have music here, it is a fledgling program. After attending the concert, our lone violinist was inspired; he wasn’t aware that a Symphony would have “so many of everything!”

 One student said he “appreciated the quiet and the ability to listen to music and to see how it happened”. When asked to elaborate, he noted that “too often music is judged by how loud it is – not how pretty. This was different.” 

One of the older girls had her eyes closed, and I was afraid that she was asleep. I could not have been more incorrect; she said she was “listening and my ears work best with my eyes closed.” Her mother texted me later, “T’s been humming and dancing in the kitchen since she got home.”

 This was a wonderful first opportunity to hear a live symphony performance. We enjoyed listening to the comments and watching the reactions of our students. They loved every minute! We appreciate the PSO welcoming Trewyn K-8 School to this special concert.”
– Pamela Rumba, Community Educator, previously In-School Resource Coordinator, Trewyn School

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